Thursday, June 24, 2010

Please floor, swallow me

This afternoon I took Cheeks & we went to the grocery store (Aldi...totally rocks!)

We walked up to the check out & in front of us, with her son, is a woman wearing one of these:
So I get in line when all of sudden my son yells in a voice acceptable for a football stadium.

"Mommy, look! Look at this black thing"

Im thinking "Oh.My.God. Shut up!"
I ignore him.
You know ignore, he will stop.

Didn't work.

He then says:
"What's he wearing?"

At this point the woman turns around & says
"Im a lady"

Supermommy kicks in & I say
"Oh I think he's talking to your son"

She than says (in such a nice way..thank God)
"These are just clothes, just like your mommy wears. I am a mommy just like your mommy"

I am now wishing the floor would swallow me & decide I will make a quick get away.
I smile, start talking to Cheeks & decide it's time for a potty break.

When we came out, she was leaving.

Thank God she was sweet about it.
Besides wishing I would get swallowed up, I just kept thinking "Holy Crap, she's got to be hot"

I did spy a very pretty purple skirt w/ flowers on it underneath.

Now how do I get my kid to stop speaking what comes into his head?



Don't change him. He'll grow out of it soon or get beat up. :) Meanwhile it makes for great blog posts.


He didn't say anything wrong and kids are naturally curious about things that are different. I'm sure the woman gets comments all the time -- and I'd bet that some of them probably weren't as nice as your son's either. This happened to us not to long ago, and we used it as an pportunity to explain different cultures.

Miss Janice

Reminds me of the time I was riding down an esculator with my mama when I was very little and I saw siamese twins for the very first time. I think I yelled out something very inappropriate and I'm sure my mama was mortified. These things happen:)
P.S. You know she had to be hot!!!

Tammy P.

Pretty normal kiddo behavior. Just use it as the cliched "teachable moment". Maybe you can remind him before you go to a public place, that if he has questions to wait and ask after you leave. I have not idea of his age or if this is realistic, just a suggestion. ;)

My 7yr old DD has Asperger's Syndrome & has said far more embarrassing things. Trust me!!

Hang in there!!

Tara O

LOL. Good luck with that one.

I would have just taken the time to explain that it was a head covering like a hat. That's all he needed to know at his age.


LMAO Out of the mouths of babes....when you least expect it. LOL