Sunday, June 06, 2010

Didja know?

That in the state of NJ it's illegal to buy & sell turtles.

The Bobster & I had decided that Cheeks was old enough for a pet.
I wanted low maintenance so I suggested a turtle.
Little did I know, they poop & you have to constantly take care of them.
I found this out after the fact.

Off we go.
Local chain pet store.
Ask the associate for turtles & she says
"Oh, I'm sorry, they are illegal in NJ"

Is this like illegal aliens? They will move in, get health care and govn't spending?
Oops, sorry, had to be a bit snarky there.
It's illegal to sell them.
Apparently you can get disease from them.
Who knew!??!

So Cheeks is still petless.
I'm thinking goldfish.
Change the water, feed it, your done.

What kind of pets do your kiddo's have?




Yes...actually I did! LOL We're in south Jersey, and went to a pet store a few years back for some of those cute, "mini" turtles. My brother and I had them growing up in Florida (many moons ago), and thought they would be ideal for our kiddos. WRONG...they said no sales in Jersey for the turtles. (sigh) They are so cute too!! We opted for hamsters instead. LOL

Tara O

That seems kind of silly, but yes they do carry disease-salmonella. My kids had turtles for awhile...they smell TERRIBLE.

Now we have cats...smell is more tolerable, litter box and all.


When our kids were little we did a fish tank too. We put a couple of those aquatic frogs in them. They loved them. We have done a parakeet, hamsters, and a guinea pig. Now we have the mini poodle and that is it.

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven

Beta fish list forever and they're really pretty. A great starter pet in my opinion!