Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Paging Jack Sparrow...

Sexy isn't he?
A bit on the "Needs a bath" side
Still sexy.
I digress.

This post concerns my soon to be 4 yo son.

He's always good for a fun time!

Sunday evening, Cheeks & I were in the local Wally World (much to my chagrin but they have my hair enhancement the cheapest around).
So there we are.
Minding our own business, well I was anyway.

In the aisle walks a very tall man.
6'3 or so.
About 175.
He was wearing a wife beater, jeans, lots of tattoos on his arms.
Wrap around mirror sunglasses.
Long hair.
Top off with a do rag.

Then I hear it.
Exclaiming, as he is pointing at this man
"Look Mom, a real pirate!"

I just about died.
I grabbed Cheeks & got the heck out of dodge.

You just got to love kids.

Has your little sweetums done anything to embarrass you?




OH my gosh Alice was about 2ish and we were at the store and someone from church came up and asked how I was and Alice says "mommy is quite pissed off today." Oh man! I just wanted to die. They have all taken a turn at saying things that made me feel like crawling under a rock, but I think she has said the most! She even started a rummor that daddy and I were getting a divorce.