Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Lurker, I mean, Labor Day

It's the end of the summer.

I really am a fall girl so I am not too upset plus in this area of the country we have many HOT days to come.

Anywho, to celebrate end of the summer Dear Crissy is doing a lil lurker par-tay!
Mommy PR is playing along too (that's how I found out)

Here's' what you have to do.
It's super simple.

Tell me who you are
Leave me a linky to your blog.

That's it.
If you want to tell me a bit about yourself in the comments, please do.
I want to meet you!!!
And if I already know you tell me hi anyway.

Go to the other parties & link up.

You never know who you will meet.



Hi, My name is Deborah - I write a little blog about teaching preschool. I am married and live here in Indiana! I have two small dogs that live at home with use too. Our daughter is married now and so we are new empty nesters. It is very nice to meet you :)


I'm Meghan too...

Mommy PR

Haa! I was coming over to lurk around your site and seen you did one too! Yay!

So i am Angela, i roam around at .
I am a military wife, mom to 2 girls and self proclaimed nerd.

Ps- my hubby would kill me if i posted a pic of him slobbering lol and yes my bathroom looks like yours only maybe worse haaa!