Monday, September 13, 2010

Racoon at Day, Runaway! Racoon at Night, Everything is Alright

First I would like to thank Preston & Steve for the title.
Such a true, true phrase. {Click the link to find out who P&S are}

Anywho, yesterday about 1pm I was driving down a road in town.
It's a pretty populated road & heavy with pedestrians.
I notice not one but two police cars sitting on the right, just parked & hanging out.
I pass them.
No biggie.

About 10 minutes later I go by again.
This time I see only one cruiser.
I notice there is a cat hunched in front of the cruiser.
Thought "That's odd"
Except that was no cat.
That's right.
Hunched as if it was ready to attack & it didn't move.
Looked like taxidermy had already been practiced on it.

Now we all know racoons are nocturnal.
If one is out during the day, it must be sick.
This poor racoon actually just stayed in the position while cars went zooming by.

It was not there today.
I assume animal control came & got it.
Do you know how they test for rabied racoons?
Chop their head off.
How sad for the little racoon.

On another poor animal note.
I arrive home tonight & go to park outside my house.
Right on my front lawn, the ducks were having a family reunion.
Everyone was there.
Great Granpop duck, the Nana, the kids etc.
As they crossed the street all the cars stopped, beeped, went slowly around.

Then Cheeks & I noticed the lame duck.
The duck was lame.
He walked with a limp
Was holding his leg up.
His little leg & flipper just hung there.
Like a wet noodle.

I explained to Cheeks he was injured.
Well that's all it took.
"Aw mom, it's so cute, let's help it"
Right on that there Cheeks.

Lame duck finally got tired of limping across the road
He spread his wings & flew.
Only to land on the noodle leg
I swear I so the duck wince.

I think he knew we were watching.
You know, he played it up for show.
The rest of the duck family ignored him.
I felt bad for him.
Just not bad enough.

So what kind of outdoorsy animals have you encountered?



A few weeks ago, I spied 4 baby raccoons in our front yard, so I snuck out to get a closer look. They heard me and ran into the neighbors yard. I texted my husband to come out and look. When he gets outside I am hanging over the fence to get a closer look...he asks me what I am doing and I tell him I'm trying to get a better view and that's when he informed me that the screeching nose I was hearing was the mom and I should probably get inside before I got attacked! Yikes! Thanks for the visit today! I hope you have a wonderful night!