Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anonymous Responded

Here is what my anonymous commentor had to say:

I don't have a blog so I have no choice but to comment anonymously and it was 3am and your blog post just incensed me. I am just so disgusted at the results of the recent election. There are HUGE ISSUES at stake here, like the absurdity of continued tax cuts to MILLIONAIRES, and yet Obama's policy that angers you is one that's meant to help kids eat healthy in school. The anger and frustration should be directed at the Republicans who are pushing this through. It's fantastic that you encourage your kids to eat healthy, but most parents are kind of dumb, and let their kids eat crap. They also bake crap, and then feed it to other kids under the guise of selling it for fundraising. So I don't understand how the Obamas being concerned about the health of American kids (half of whom are obese) infuriates you, but you make no mention of the greedy millionaires and their recently elected pals in Congress. I'm just so sick of some of the INCREDIBLY ignorant women on *******. (Not all are; I've found a couple of thoughtful blogs.) To be fair, I only read back a few of your posts, and yeah, I was rude, but dammit if people don't piss me off right now for letting this country fall to sh*t. Rachel

First, I'd like to thank Rachel for responding to my post.

Second, I commend her on defending her views.

Third, I'd like to thank her for admitting to only reading a few posts.

If Rachel had gone through the bloggeroo she would have seen that I stay away from politics.
This particular bill must be signed by the President but it is his wife's platform.
She's a mommy, she's health concious.

This is what I am commenting on.
I do not go political on this blog because I don't follow politics for the most part.
As for what party I am affiliated with, I keep that to myself.

Here is what I have to say & it is not just directed at Rachel, if you do not like the content of someone's blog, then don't read it.

Easy as that.

There are plenty of blogs that I don't like, I don't agree with or I just think is plain dumb.
Hence I stay away from it.

Also, name calling in a comment?
Come on!
You went there?

So Rachel, thanks for commenting.
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
I understand about being pissed off & wanting to vent.
I work customer service, am the mom to 3 boys & one very large man child, so I have a lot to vent about.  LOL

Stick around, perhaps you'll find something you like.




Wow - Rachel represents exactly what is wrong with society today - judgmental, ignorant,stereotypical, bias, crabby, rude, and definitely needs to go to bed earlier!

Don't worry Rachel - the Republicans will come and clean up the mess made by our current administration soon:)