Friday, December 03, 2010

It's that time of year...

How is it possible that it's the Christmas season?
Wasn't it just yesterday that we were posting our resolutions for 2010?

Anywho with the onset of the season I want to know what is your fav all time Christmas special/movie?

I adore White Christmas.
Just look at the outfits for the finale
What I wouldn't give to have a dress like that.
So beautiful.
Of course, I'd prob look a bit odd walking through the Shop Rite in it but who cares, I know I'd be the envy of everyone! Tee hee.

I have other favs, like Elf & Year w/o a Santa Claus.
Really, who doesn't love Heat Miser.

White Christmas tho. holds the title as the best movie for me this time of year. Just envelopes the Christmas spirit.

Speaking of spirit, are you decorated yet?
Got the tree up?
Or are you still rocking the pumpkins & gourds?

LMK, I'm curious.


Tara O

My tree is UP...but not finished yet. I put the garland around our front door, stuck a santa hat on my frog by the front door...the nativity scene near the fireplace. ;) Working on it.