Monday, December 06, 2010

This is what you are focusing on???!!

Dear Mr. & Mrs. President (I will not disclose your last name but I will elude to the fact that you live in a large white house...just sayin)

It was brought to my attention today that you are mulling over signing a bill to limit the amount of bake sales that school can have.

I would like to say that I am so glad you are on top of things.

Glad to know that even though wars are still being fought, Bin Laden is running amuk & North & South Korea are threating to start a nuclear war, you clearly have your priorities in order.

What is more important that banning bake sales that help raise funds for our public schools? Of which the budgets are repeatedly cut each year.
Yep, good job!

I understand this is your wife's platform & you are playing the dutiful husband.  Let's pass a message onto the missus that I can monitor my child's diet just fine.  I do not need the government's involvement in what is fed to my child.  I would move to a country where I must stand in line to get bread if I wanted that....wait? Is that the direction you & the wife are hoping to take our country?  Won't my dad be thrilled with that one.

I do appreciate the efforts from you both to try to make our youth healthier.  If I could get my 4 yo to eat carrots I would be doing cartwheels.  Do you know that you can puree carrots & add them to brownie batter? O yes you can, just ask Jessica Seinfield.  What I like is that I have the choice to add them or not and that I can let my son buy a cookie at school to support the "Glee" club.  To be honest, I do not want this freedom of choice taken away.

As a parent I am capable of providing healthy options for my child(ren) to eat.  Really.  I'm good.

So please put this bill to the side and ignore.  Tell the wifey to chillax as my 17 yo says & let's concentrate on avoiding the nukes, finding good ole Bin Laden or hey, here's a novel idea, let's think about your promises that you have yet to make good one.  Again, I'm just sayin.

With that I close my open letter to you & the better half.

Thanks for reading!



meghan you need to send this to the paper....this was great. i read it to bob and he held up his thumbs... verrrrrrrrrrry good and i'm behind you with this 100%.. mom


If you come up missing we will know to contact the CIA or FBI or CSI jersey style, or maybe cold case. Good point Meghan!