Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas the Snowy Day after Christmas

Christmas 2010 is over.
Winter storm 2010 is ready to blanket NJ.
I am not worried for the snow because I have Bumblebee to protect me from the winter weather.
And the preteen to complain about shoveling.

And muscles to do all the hard work!
My real question is when did my 17yo get those arms & the physique?

How can these children be growing up?
Yet their father & I remain young & vibrant?

Anywho, enough feeling sorry for myself that the kids are growing up.

Christmas was nice here.
Very simple and kept it small.
Seemed to be a Transformers/Aeropostle/Axe Christmas.

How about your humble abode?
How did the holiday treat you?


annies home

we had a white christmas as well it does sound like you had more snow than us and your pictures show the warmth inside as well

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom)

We didn't have a white Christmas but it snowed a little today. I'm glad we didn't get your storm here on the Pacific coast.