Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stream of Conciousness

This is my son, Thanksgiving morning, licking the beater from the homemade whipped cream.
He's such a neat eater, isn't he?
I have no idea how he got it on his pants.
His mouth is no where near his thigh.
He keeps me on my toes this kid!

This getting dark at like 4:30 in the afternoon is really sucking.
I just feel like that's it, time to get in the pj's & go to bed.

Which brings me to my next topic....wearing pj's out.
You know, lounge pants.
I just want to say, while I can accept this from little kids or even a quick run into WaWa or DD for coffee, I really don't get why grown men & women do it when they run to Walmart, the mall or even the food store.
They are called lounge pants.
You know, to lounge.
At home.
With your slippers on.
Altho this apparently is the required footwear for those that wear lounge pants out.
Very fashionable.
I think I have seen a lot of this people in the mag, Glamour.
You know, in the back of the mag, with a black bar over their eyes & a big "Fashion Don't" as the title.

I am no fashion queen
When I am going public....I try to dress somewhat appropriately.
Like putting on a bra.
You do not want me to unless those bad boys.
This also means wearing jeans or something of the like.
Not lounge wear.
To me, totally not acceptable.

I don't know.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe it's how I was brought up.
You know, to look somewhat respectable when I leave the house.
Must be the new generation.

WoW! That made me sound old.
I am part of Gen X.
Where is my cane?
That's how I felt this morning, like I needed a can.
I let Cheeks sleep with me. 
He likes to sleep right up against you & leaves you about 6 inches of the Queen size bed.
Then if you snore, he wakes you up to tell you to stop.
Yep, he's a dream to have in your bed!
Plus he messes the sheets up.
I like em tight around my feet.
How do you like em?

It's a constant fight with me & Bobster.
I like them tucked.
He likes them untucked.
By the time we wake up, it looks like a wrestling match took place in bed.

So leave me a comment & let me know...are you a tucker or a non tucker?




I have to say...I am a non tucker, my feet cannot be covered whatsoever!!!! I have to agree with you on the lounge pants. I not by any means a fashionista what is a must for me,,,,,lipstick! Cannot leave home without my ruby reds, also a bra is no lounge pants I agree, it just screams..."hey look at me, I like to hang on my front stoop and look a drive bys!"


I have been known to go out in sweat know and pretend like I just got done at the gym BWHAHAHAHAHAHA


I'm a tucker, hubby is not. Can't stand the lounge pants in public thing. Also, don't like men in sweat pants, just totaly grosses me out!