Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And it's over...

Christmas 2011 has come & gone.
I love to see it come...the anticipation, the preparation, the wrapping, card writing & sending.
All fun.
Then Christmas morning comes.

In over an hour the gifts are unwrapped & the house looks like war torn Beirut.
It's fun tho.

Cheeks couldn't contain himself.
He was so excited that he was getting up extra early in the days leading up to, asking me "Is it Christmas?' at like 5am.
Good times.

Christmas morning, he would open a gift, go "Awesome!" & run to me or Bobster to open it.
We would tell him in a bit, keep opening.

Finally his turn was over & he had to hand the gifts to his brothers.
He wasn't thrilled with that because that took away from playing.

He didn't eat all day except for 2 crackers & a cupcake.
Mother of the Year I am, no?
He's fine.
Trust me!

All in all it was a great Christmas.
I am blessed to have a close knit family and blessed that we are all healthy (for the most part) & all have jobs.

How was your Christmas?



good for you! and counting our blessings is certianly a good way to start a new year!

Rachel R

I'm pretty sure all my kids had on Christmas was a cupcake too :) It was Christmas, how could I say no?!

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We had a good Christmas here, nice my kids got to spend it with their grandma coming here. My kids ate lots of treats too. I found you via the Find More Friends Blog Hop and am now following on GFC and facebook. Would love a follow back @ my blog

Unknown I was going to devote my blog to only MOTY moments (as I have SO MANY!), but at least you FED your child and you only allowed ONE cupcake (as opposed to the ten cupcakes, four candy canes and whatever other junk they weasled out of guests throughout the holiday season while I "enjoyed" myself!)...I like to set the bar low so that others can feel better about themselves! I love your humor and am happy to be following you from the blog hop!