Friday, December 23, 2011

How to embarrass your Mom #512

So this past weekend, I took the Cheekers to see a movie (The new Chipmunks...cute but not going to win an award...know what I mean?).

The ticket taker was a young African American boy with Vitaligo.
For those who are not aware of what Vitaligo is, it looks like this:

Now everyone is thinking Michael Jackson.
Come know you were.

Anywho, my son was handing the boy the tickets when he says:

"Hey you are two different colors! I've never seen anyone with 2 different colors, do you know you are 2 colors?"

At this point I was hoping the floor would open up & swallow me.  That obviously didn't happen.

So I sort of laughed and said "Hey, everyone's different. I look different, you do, those people do..."
Luckily the boy had a great attitude and he responded to my little guy "Yep, I think it's awesome"
To which Cheeks said "Yep! It is"

He proceeded to talk, loudly, all the way down the hall to the theater about the 2 different colored boy.
I proceeded to tell him it's not polite to comment on other people and it's really cool how that boy looks.

I've never pointed out differences among people to my son.
He is just now starting to notice.
I just never thought he would comment on it.

Thankfully everyone he's ever said anything to, has laughed it off & explained things to him.
People are good!

How has your kiddo embarrassed you lately?



Good think the person dint get angry :).

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MS Mom

CBs favorite thing to do, no matter where we are or who we are around is to yell "Oh no! I farted!" and then "Aw man! I farted again!" And so on and so forth. He announces every one. Very screamy-like. And he calls his best friend who is AficanAmerican a "brown boy". We can be in church and he'll ask about the "brown" person in church before or after announcing he farted.


One time my son lost some hair on the back of his head...the things people said to him were unbelievable! And it wasn't just kids! We all learned a lot from that experience! I am a new follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.

Colorado Mountain Mom

Funny ... leave it to kids, huh?

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