Sunday, December 18, 2011

Are you smarter than a Kindergartener?

Apparently, I gave birth (or they ripped him from my stomach…whatever…he was 11 pounds is the claim to fame) to a genius!

Tis true.

A few weeks back the Aunt Erin & Cheeks were having a discussion in the back seat of the mini van. Well it must have gotten heated because next thing all of us knew we heard Aunt Erin (who is 28) say “Oh yea, well spell “THE””.

Cheeks responded: T…H…E.

The next sound was Aunt Erin’s jaw hitting the bottom of the mini van.

While out shopping I let Cheeks throw a quarter in the fountain & make a wish. Aunt Erin asked him what his wish was. He said he wanted to save the world from peril.

Here is where Aunt Erin went wrong, she said that perhaps the world was not in peril & that Cheeks didn’t even know what the word peril meant.

At that point he piped up & said “Yes I do. It means someone or something is in trouble and or hurt.”

Again, a speechless Aunt Erin.

What has your little guy/gal said lately that shut you up?