Friday, December 30, 2011

It's his mission

Cheeks is on a mission.
His mission, which he obviously chose to except is to embarrass me at every turn.
This mission includes his father but not as often as me.

Most recent embarrassment happened Christmas Eve.
Yes folks, he doesn't even take the holidays off.

We were at Bobster's Aunt's house for a little soiree.
Bob's grandfather is still living.
Mine, unfortunately, is not.

Cheeks has meet Bob's grandfather but it's been about 2 years since he last saw him.
So in his 5 yo mind, "Pop" doesn't exist.

Well Bobster & I were making nice with "Pop" when our angelic boy walked up.
Bobster says "Cheeks this is your great grandpop"

Our sweet, innocent child takes a step back, looks up, cocks his head to one said & proclaims
"I thought you were dead~!"

Well after we picked ourselves up off the floor, both of us diffused the situation with Bobster's Pop.  Thankfully he is deaf as a doornail so he had no idea what Cheeks had said.
We explained to Cheeks that was not a really nice thing to say & that it was my grandfather who was in Heaven.

My grandfather would have gotten a kick out that had Cheeks said it to him:
(that's my Aunt Darlene & my Grandpop)

Anyway that is the story of our holiday embarrassment.

How did you holidays ring in?



Hi, I'm here from the FNF hop. Very nice blog. I just followed you w/ GFC and Liked your FB page. I hope you can do the same :) Cheryl