Thursday, September 28, 2006

First things first....

Dilemma of the day...was it a bad thing that the Bobster & I watched The Biggest Loser last night while I ate chocolate chip ice cream covered in magic shell & he had a beer....I mean, it was a Coors Light!?

The 1st two photos were taken Sunday. Christopher helped Daddy put together my glider. I told the Bobster it would take him 2 hrs. Um, yea, it took 30 mins. The sucker was almost all put together in the box. Now it is fully together & sitting in Cheeks bedroom where we rock as often as we can :>) but not too often as we don't want him to rely on rocking to put himself to sleep. Just ask anyone in my immediate family that had to rock Aunt Erin!

Speaking of which...isn't that a darling photo of Cheeks & his Aunt Erin!!!

Well Cheeks is screaming his head off....must want to go to sleep...can you say overtired!

Woops out!



LOVE the photos. He's getting so big.


Loved my glider too Meghan! (And yeah, Dalton did too lol...)

He's such a cutie patootie... Kiss those cheeks for me!


Aww... he is adorable and getting big!