Monday, January 29, 2007

5 Month Check Up

Well the Cheekers had his 5 month check up.
Good news:
Only gained 9 oz's, putting him at 22lbs, 11oz.
Length: 28.5 inches long

Now that not so good news:
Cheekers has a hernia.
He will have to have surgey to get it fixed, so I will be calling the surgeon in the morning.
I'm upset.
I know he will most likely be ok but still.
Called Bobby.
He told me Cheekers will be ok.
I am hoping Bobby can get home for his surgery.
Don't want to have to go over there alone.
Not that I would be alone but his daddy needs to be there.

That's your update.
Woops out!



awwww Meggers I'm sure he'll be fine!! I will keep him in my prayers


Oh Meghan, I'm sure he'll be fine! Please try to stop worrying. I know you won't, but please try to calm yourself down.

I agree, daddy needs to be there.

Lissa Ballard

Oh sugar - so sorry about the hernia... I'm sure he'll be just fine - just a bit uncomfy for a little bit.

I too agree, he'll need his daddy.