Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Doesn't it look as if he is saying "Who the Hell are you!?". You just have to love the exersaucer. Cheekers does. To the right, where you can't see, if a rubber orange lion that hangs from a green plastic hoop. He sucks the life out of it. It must feel good on his gums. Poor kid!

On another note, my neighbors must go. I don't know what the frig they are doing over there but it must involve burying a body or something. They have been pounding for the last 15 mins on the floor. Earlier I could hear the kids, plain as day, thru the monitor. My favorite of late is that they must have something in the room that backs up against Cheek's b/c I know get a "hummmmmmmmmmmmmm" when I turn on the monitor. I just don't know what I am going to do.

Woops out~!



Is there any way that you can nicely talk to them? Are they approachable? If not, you must go to management with your complaints. If they are valid there shouldn't be a problem.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

love the exersaucer!
Do you have different channels on your monitor? If my receiver was on A and the monitor on B, I would get the hmmmmmmmm


meghan julie and mike seem to be ok to deal with. maybe if you explain to julie she'll try to deal with it. it's her mother that makes me insane. but i have to tell you when i came over last night i could hear emily screaming while i was getting out of the car. their windows were closed too. they're some lungs on that kid. i know you dont like confrontation but i agree with skrpndiva. go to jean in the office if you dont get anywhere with julie. you

Lissa Ballard

Oh Meghan - he's so darn adorable!!!

Can you talk to your neighbors? It's worth a shot - otherwise, yeah - what everyone else said - management will help...