Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Love You Baby!

I have been singing that song all day to the Cheekster. Of course, I don't know all the words, so I just say jibberish & go on with my bad self. He giggles everytime I sing it.

The layout above incorporates 3 challenges. First at it fills their sketch for January challenge. This sketch rocks!!!!! Seriously, I love it. Second, it fills the color challenge for using brown & blue over at . Finally it fills the challenge to use song lyrics as the title for a page that talks about your greastest moment in life over at (I think that's the url, not sure). Anyway it's this cool blog! I chose to do the greatest moment as finding out I was preggers with Cheeks. I used the new textured cardstock my dad got me for Xmas. It's from QVC & while it doesn't give the manuf. name, the cardstock is wonderful!!!! Seriously, it rocks. Comes as 12x12 packaged with 8x8. Oh yes, this is a new fav of mine. I also used the new kick ass primas he got me as well. They always kick ass!!!! To be honest, I am really diggin that layout. I think I might frame it. First time I would ever frame layout.

This weekend I decided I needed to save money on Cheeks clothes b/c well, I am addicted to Gymboree & let's just say, they ain't cheap! The sweater, pants & onesy that Cheeks has on in that photo was $60 & that was after coupons! Anyway I headed on over to Goodwill. My word, they are cheap. I didn't find jeans & you have to sift thru. some pretty icky stuff BUT I found almost brand new Old Navy swishy pants w/ a fleece lining for $1.99. Um, hello! $1.99 PEOPLE! Can't be beat. So I snatched those puppies up. That's all I found but I did find more, he just didn't need what I was finding so I restrained myself.

The Bobster returned to Rochester today. We spent little time together this weekend but I was just happy he was home. He forgives my outbursts of bitchiness a lot & I am grateful for that. Trust me! I was a lil bit of a bitch earlier today. I know, amazing but true.

Well all this talk of scrapping & saving money is giving me the ambition to balance my check book, pay bills & continue to scrap. I even had my sister drop off "The Devil Wears Prada" on DVD before she left to go out, so I will watch that. Already seen it & read it but it's a good chic flick!



Kathy Carr

Superduper layout Meghan. I love it when one layout works for 3 challenges . . in fact, I aim to do that as I love the challenge of the challenges!! hehehehe


Too darn cute! Sounds like you've gotta good man there!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

Darling layout. LOve the flowers and colors.

Yes, second hand clothing is GREAT! Soak it up, cuz once they hit about 2yrs, it's crap. But anything before that, you can usually find some really great stuff.

Tara O'Rourke

Great LO Meghan!!!!

Hee hee-glad I am not the only one to be addicted to Gymboree!!!Hey girl-I buy Emily's on ebay...far cheaper. I just won a three piece outfit for $15 including shipping that cost almost $100 new. :D


Love the layout Meghan. It's so good to see you scrapping!

Second hand is great. We have a store here called WeePeats and its a second hand children's store. We also have the Children's Orchard!


Meghan I love that whole page! Beautiful!