Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh! Make sure your sound is on for both.

The Wiggles:

Sir Mix A Lot



OH my stars they are just too too cute! Thanks so much for sharing! I needed that laugh this morning~

Nik Just Nik

OMG Meghan you look awesome girl.. I just read back a few on your blog and saw all the photos and layouts. Just loved them... I cant believe how big Cheeks has gotten and how happy you look... YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Dont worry about spending money on his clothes either. The great thing about buying quality baby clothes is that they last for at least one or more babies afterwards LOL!!!


Hi! Thanks for the comment! I would imagine we HAVE to be related some how... our last name just isn't very common. I grew up in Kansas City and am getting ready to move to Los Angeles, but the Woeppel side of my family is from Nebraska... Stanton, I believe. Lots of them still up in that area.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

No video when I tried to play it. :(
I got the frame dohicky thing from EBAY about 7 yrs ago. It's cheaply made. You could do something better with frames, ribbon and a dowl.
Thanks for your nice comments on my layouts. (but I don't submit) :)