Friday, January 19, 2007

Xmas 2005

Gotta love those vintage Daisy D papers. I bought a ton & hope to get to use them this weekend. Figured before I start 2006 photos, I should finish up 2005. Not overly thrilled with this layout but it will do.

Went shopping on my lunch hour for my girlfriend's baby shower gift. I sooooooooooo spaved! Last week I picked up the diaper bag she registered for. Today I went to Tar-jay, coupons in hand. I wanted to spend $20 to fill it up. I did. Well actually that is my sister's contribution but I picked it all up for her. Got her 2 onesies (in pink, it's a girl, they were on clearance), then I got her a bottle of wash & a bottle of shampoo by Johnson & Johnson that were on sale 2/$5. I had a $1 coupon for each, so it came to $1.50 each. Picked up A&D Diaper Ointment. Had a Free up to $3 coupon, so cost me .49 cents. Nuk pacifies, price cut to $2.89 + $1 coupon = $1.89 for 2 binks! 8 washclothes for $4.99 - $1.00 coupon = $3.99. Bows with the elastic thing for the babe's head on clearance for less than $3.00. Duckie gown for less than $5. Pampers Sensitive Wipes on price cut for $2.39 - $1 coupon = 1.39. I think I am missing something but Erin put it together tonight & it looks fabulous!!!!!!!!

On that note...
~Woops out!


Tara O'Rourke

I like it-what don't you like?????? Looks great! My good friend from SG LOVES this paper line and bought bunches too!


Nice page! Love the products you used! I so crack up when you talk about "spaving" - such a great word!!!!!!!


dcNICE page! i like it! What is spaving anyway? lol Good job on the coupons!