Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Duex Teeth

Can you believe it??? This is how I found out:
Erin: Um, did he have 2 teeth when you left for work today?
Me: No.
Erin: He does now.

Yes, yes, the 2nd tooth broke thru & Cheekers now has his 2 bottom teeth.
It is the cutest thing in the entire world!!!!

Let's see...the Bobster has returned to work. Not that he wasn't working when he was here but he went away again. :<(
Last night he took me to Atlantic City to eat in one of the restaurants in the casino's, then we gambled $45 & left. Home by 10pm! I was beat. It was nice tho. & romantic. On Saturday morning, he went to work, but stopped home to give me Hot Chocolate & a muffin b/c he was thinking of me. Now that's romantic!!!!! I eat that stuff up!

I rearranged my storage over the weekend. I know have my scrap supplies in the living in a cabinet. So wish me luck that I will now find time to scrap. BAAHAAHAA! Funny thought, isn't it. BAAHAAAHAA!

Woops out!



Make the time baby, make the time!


Im sure you have tonnes of photos of that beautiful boy to inspire you to scrap, with a little time you can make some amazing boy pages! Hmmm I should borrow him, for lack of a bOY here LOL!
Yay on the teeth! He's growing by leaps and bounds LOL