Sunday, February 04, 2007

So it begins

My retail therapy started me on a Ebay bidding binge, this is the 1st thing I won. I was already outbidded on something & I wasn't happy but I digress.

Anywho this is the Jack & Janie line called Perpetual motion. Less than $20 bucks for all 3 pieces, a little over with it shipped. Altho. I think I am going to win other auction's from this person & I am pretty sure they are combining shipping.

On a high note, I would like to thank Sandy Fitzpatrick for this tip. Cheeks isn't thrilled with his green beans so I mixed them with the bananas today & he ate those bad boys up! So if any of you would like to try this culinary masterpiece, please give me a review.

~~~Woops out!



Cute duds babe! See, I say to anyone that says that girls clothes are just cuter to BITE ME!


maybe I need retail therapy... those outfits are darling!!

Nik Just Nik

Love the clothes Meghan. I love buying off there for Indi.. But it was getting out of control so I stopped LOL!!!

At the moment I am looking a the Becky Higgins Creative Sketches 2 book on there... Wish me luck!!