Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Did you think....

I ran away? You're not that lucky! Did you think the Bobster was home? Um, yea, I'm not that lucky.
Actually I just haven't been having anything to blog about it. Then this past weekend the big "DV" hit the house. What's "DV" you ask? Well, sit right down (wait, you probably are since you are on the internet)....DV is diarrhea, vomit.
I said it!
It struck.
First my sister.
Then the Cheekers. Thankfully just the big "D."
Then me.
Then my mom.
Hopefully it's outta here! It was just an icky weekend but thank God for my family.
I had to call my sister at 5:20 am on Sunday b/c there was no way I could care for the baby. So she watched him, then took him to my mom's for awhile, then brought him back & put him to bed. My mom watched him for about 4hrs in the afternoon.
Poor woman! Cheeks wore the Nana out.
Now the Nana has the "DV!"
Ok, enough ick post.

Onto why my son.
Is a genius.

Last night he was wiggly so much I couldn't get his pj's on. This is a nightly ritual he does. I mean he is a DRAMA KING people! Literally. So I was getting frustrated & finally after saying Ethan! Ethan! I furrowed my brow (do you like that word, furrowed...see all that money on a college education in English can do for you??!!!) & I said "Ethan Michael stop it right now!" (Now I said this very sternly.)
Do you know what my child did?
Do you???!!!???
He looked at me.
Then he:
Yes, my baby, laughed at me while I was disciplining him.
My word!
What is going to happen when he is 16????

He is a genius! Tonight while having a bath in the ducky, I was pouring water out of the cup I keep in the frog pod. Well all of a sudden my little Einstein reached out & tried to grab the stream.
He reached!
He grabbed!
He repeated this process like 10x's & never got tired.
Now, where is that application for Harvard!!!?????

On that note
~Woops out!



hope you are all feeling better... had a big LOL about the lil man and his shinanigans (nother big word!)


OMG, you crack me up girl! Glad you're back!