Friday, February 09, 2007

As you can see the little munchkin is just loving life.
He has grown so much in just a few days. Obviously enough that he can use the facilities on his own! BAAHAAHAA.
He has taken to touching people's faces & to grabbing whatever he can.
His daddy came home last night & Cheekers was so excited. He just kept smiling & grabbing at Daddy's beard. Daddy let Cheekers feed himself today. WASN'T PRETTY PEOPLE! WASN'T PRETTY.
I think I hear the Daddy & the brothers now.
Woops out!



Meghan, he looks like such a happy, good-natured boy! How lucky for you!

Glad to 'hear' from you, was getting worried.

Awesome Abby

Love that shower curtain...and the kid is pretty darn cute, too! :) :)