Monday, February 12, 2007

Yes, I know the pic is on the side. Too lazy to reposition it. I posted it b/c it seems like the past 6 months have gone by in a blur.

My little (well, ok, he was 11 pounds but hey, that's littlier than now), my little baby is getting so big. In just the past 2 weeks he has gone from needing help sitting up to being able to sit up with someone right there for a good portion of time, to being able to sit, proped up in the corner of the pack n play, to grabbing at everything w/in his reach & then not so much in his reach, to touching people's faces & exploring. He is making raspberries & loves to squeal. My baby is going to be 6 months old on Friday. I can not believe it! 6 months. Holy Cow.

Bobster returned back to Rochester yesterday. It was so nice having him home. I think we only bickered like 3 times. Hee hee. I miss him already. So does the Cheekers. He was so happy to see his Daddy. He broke out in a great big grin & just babbled away. Bobster was able to get Cheekers laugh all weekend. We spent some great time together. The boys were here but they opted to go to their Uncles b/c, well, to be honest, it's more fun there & they are allowed to ride their bikes all over the neighborhood & their cousin has PS3. We have PS2 & a pogo stick. I took them home yesterday after dropping their daddy off at the shop. I have the idea of getting all 3 boys Steelers jersey's & getting their photo taken for Father's Day. The last photo shoot of the baby dressed as Cupid I think pushed Bobby over the edge. O well....what do you have a baby for, if you can't dress him up & torture him with the pictures years later!

Now speaking of having children I am wondering, why, when you have a child, some people get offended if you do not take their unsolicitated advice or even disagree with it. I mean I guess when you have a baby, everyone is entitled to raise it. Last I checked Bobby B & Meghan W were the parents, not Tom, Dick & Harry. Then again if Tom, Dick & Harry were the parents that would be another blog all together & a very interesting family indeed. Anyway I just hate it. Hate that people feel you should listen to them just b/c they think they know best. *sigh*

Ok, enough ranting. I sold my engagement ring that F&cko had given me. I wasn't going to do anything with it so I thought, why not. I netted some dough & will be able to pay off my Gymboree Visa...which is a good thing! That Visa can get a girl in trouble!!

Well it's late.

I'm tired.

That means..........

Woops out!



I think as women, especially, we feel compelled to give unsolicited advice ... because we are trying to help.

As parents that don't want the advice, we just nod, say thank you and be on our merry way...because,
every once in a blue moon, some of that unsolicited advice, is actually pretty good.

Nik Just Nik

Amen to that Jaq. I still get advice now and most of the time I dont even listen to it..

Because most of the time they are putting down my parenting choices. Which just makes me mad..

Meghan I cant believe Cheeks is 6 months old either. Somedays I look at Indi sleeping and wonder were the last 3 years went..