Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's a Giveaway!!!!

For some Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion w/ Sunscreen
What more could one want?

I was contemplating giving away a million dollars but this time of year we all need moisturizer & with sunscreen is even better!!!!

Sooooooooooo....I have 4 1.5oz tubes to giveaway.

You have 2 ways to win!!!!
1. Leave me a comment telling me if you are a regular reader or a lurker or just visiting for the 1st time.

2. Sign up <~~~~~~~~~~~~ over there under the Technorati link to get regular feeds from my blog (I have one faithful person already who signed up...Hi Jennifer!!).

That's it.
Simple as 1,2,3!

So get to entering!!!

As for my mom, the pics are coming! The pics are coming!

Woops out!



i want the pics...if you dont put them up right away, i'll sneak into your house and take all the give aways you have. then y ou will be forced to buy more thus setting you back financially and delayed in mailing them. you will lose all your friends and i will laugh at you... ha i say ha. i will also teach the baby to hide your keys....LOVE XXX mom

Lissa Ballard

Girl..,. I LOVE what you've done with your blog! TOOOO cute!


Hi Meghan! I am one of your loyal followers. rofl

Love your black and pink background!


Love the new background! I usually read in my feed reader so I miss out on the cuteness most of the time.

I always read, totally enjoy your sense of humor, and comment when I can.

Miss Mommy

Hey Meg.

I am a regular you already know..LOL LOL

You must of known that our suntan lotion supply is a bit low...ha ha!


Regular reader here...sorry not liking the background, too busy and some of your entries I can't read!!!!
You know we live so damn close, we really should get together, and maybe set up a playdate for our boys!


I've been a regular reader for a long long time! And I get the feeds! Love ya girly! I want to see new pics too!!!


I am not going to grovel for this... on two grounds...
#1 It would cost way to much to send it to me

#2 I go though a bottle of this stuff a month with Indi LOL!!! It is the only cream we can use on her. Saying that... If you came in a bigger bottle my life would be easier LOL!!!