Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's Check out the Highs & Lows

Ah Saturday.
A relaxing day, right?
A day for yard saling, yes?
So that's what I did.
I grabbed Cheeks & went yardsaling or should I say just yardsale.
We only made it to one because Cheeks was having none of it.
The real reason, well, read on:
Cheeks decided to flip out in his "I am almost 2 years old self" at said yardsale.
Sooooo I had to pick him up.
He was in one arm, my new bundt cake pan in the other.
I don't know how I did it but I lost my footing, fell & rolled down these people's front lawn.
It was like Shamu flopping on the shore!
Not pretty.
I mean I fell, kept Cheeks from getting hurt, but rolled & took out their "For Sale" sign on their lawn.
Of course, they jumped up, I made sure Cheeks was ok, then I got up.
Tears sprang to my eyes but I kept them in.
I apologized profusely. So did they.
I quickly put him in his car seat & left.
I will NOT be returning to that neighborhood anytime soon.
Talk about mortifying.
Thankful I just got a lil scrape on my right leg.....the babe, totally unharmed!

On a high....Bobster & I went to the
Collingswood Farmer's Market today, So we are walking along, checking it out (buying some herbs, squash, ya know supporting local farmers) when I hear someone & see someone. So I saunter over to see what this person is demonstrating & then I realize who it is.
It's my boy!
My boy from The Next Food Network star.

I got so excited.
I mean like my stomach did a little dance & I grabbed Bobster's arm & was like:
OMG! That's Aaron, Bobster, that's Aaron.
I am so pulling for him.
Bobster thought I was nuts.
I managed to get a pic on my cell but it's not the greatest.
There he was.
In the next town over from mine.
Literally 6 minutes from my house.
He is a local boy.
From Camden...which is close to where I live....about 10 minutes away.
Not the best town but Aaron is from there so who cares!
Bobster is also from Camden but got out when the getting was good.

Anywho, I am just so darn excited.
So there is my highs & lows for the weekend.

Woops out!



OMG! So sorry about your fall! It happens to us all at one time or another... So don't feel bad... I am glad everyone is uninjured. {{{hugs}}}

And how exciting to have a celeb right there! ^_^ Too cool! And he's cute - and can cook too! Woohoo!


Ouch Meghan! I am glad that you and Cheeks are fine. Sorry, but I had to laugh at the whale comment. YOU NOT a whale.

Oh wow! How exciting! Glad that you had some high to go with your low today.

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Sorry about your boo-boo (to the leg and the pride!) but I'm glad you got to see Aaron!



I have fallen before with the baby in my arms, so I understand completely. Glad you weren't hurt.

How is that farmers market? I want to go but the kids activities always got in the way. Now it's finally over so my first venture will be next weekend!!!


Sorry about the fall.. at least the little one was okay.

Small world.. I used to work in Collingswood... Never made it to the market though. Wanted too...

Fellow Philly Mom Blogger