Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Wednesday

Hump day, what more can I say.

So Cheeks vocab is picking up nicely. Not so much in phrases or sentences but just words.
He can now say "Oscar" & "Ernie".
He prefers 2 syllable words.

The boys are here all week. Spending time with their dad, playing Playstation.

I have cooked 4 days in a row.
Oh yes.
You read that right.
4 days in a row.

Let's review:
Sunday: Chicken Cutlets, Steamed Fresh Green Beans, Homemade Red Skin Mashed Potatos.

Monday: Ravioli & Garlic Bread (it's my late night at work so I need to do something easy!)

Tuesday: BBQ Pork Chops in the broiler (I got the recipe from my Sandra Lee cookbook that I got free from's super duper easy...I mean like a no brainer!), green beans & mac & cheese

Tonight: Breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs & pork roll. Bobster came out into the kitchen to help me was really nice doing it with him. I was irritable but he puts up my "bitchiness" & continued to help me. I think I will keep him around!

Tomorrow ideas yet. Any ideas you want to share? I am open for suggestions!!!

So my friend Jenn started a "Green" blog...go check it out here. I am trying to go green so with Jenn's help I am sure I will be turning it around at my pad!

Also I have started a yahoo group for South Jersey Mom's who Blog....check it out here: SJ Mom Bloggers. If you are in South Jersey & a mom come join. We are planning a get together, topic days etc. Would love to have you.

That's all for tonight.
Woops out!



Hey, really nice blog! If you want to, U can check out my blog at . It’s in English, but actually I live in Sweden ;D
Leo =)


Well, I'm really from germany, but we moved here in 2006. I'll put yours in ma favorite, to ;D

In what state do you live by the way?


Stop cookind damnit! You're making me look bad. You know I don't cook and you were my partner in crime there!