Saturday, June 28, 2008

What exactly is in that juice?

Cheeks ya alright?
Was that juice extra strong today?
My word!!

Anywho, I come with 2 reviews today.
First up:
Yes, Denny's restaurant.
My dad met Cheeks & I there for lunch today. Well Cheeks was a good boy except for his screaming at the top of his lungs episode.
Oh yes.
He's a shrieker.
I have no idea how to get him to stop.
So I am dealing with it. Trying to get him to be quiet etc. I was throwing Cheez it's at him, the whole 9.
Well we were seated right by the open kitchen & the waitresses were all congregating there when I hear one of them start to talk about my child & she said something to the effect of the screaming & bad children. I couldn't tell which one it was but I was pissed. Even the couple who were sitting right next to us chimed in & said "Oh she said it".
I agreed to go here for lunch b/c it is on Parents magazine top 10 restaurants for kids as far as interesting healthy lunches go.
Will I go back?
The food was gross & I am really insulted.
I don't care if you talk about me, just wait til I am out of the room.
Will I write the company?
Will it get me anywhere?
Probably not.
So all in all, if you are looking for a family friendly restaurant Dennys is not the way to go.

Review #2.
Cookie magazine.
Picked this little mag up at B&N today.
I wanted to see it before I signed up for a sub.
Glad I got it.
I am not getting a sub.
It's ok but it's just not what I thought.
I thought it would be more on the line of Family Fun magazine.
It seems to me to be more of a review type mag.
So if that's what you are into, then by all means check it out.
I will stick with FF.

That's really it.
Went to dinner with the Nana & the PopPop.
So one meal with Grandpop, one meal w/ Nana & PopPop
Cheeks got to see his Poppy today too.
Also the race car.
It's all about the race car & trucks with this child.
It's cute!

Woops out!


Miss Mommy

I actually just got a card from them in the mail on Friday...2 years of Cookie for like $12 or something plus a free beach bag...The bag is nice...but I too will have to check out the mag in person before I order it!! I love Family Fun though!!