Thursday, June 12, 2008


As you can see I've been tagged.
By who?

As you read I have to list 7 random, weird facts about me, so without further adieu here we go:
  1. 1. I love trashcans when they are empty & I can fill them out. Gives me a sense of YES! I have used this, out with the old.
  2. I was on the show Dancin On Air in high school. This was also known as Dance Party USA on the USA Network back in the day. Here's a little video for your enjoyment....all I can say is Don't hate the dancer, hate the dance. LOL This is also the show that Kelly Ripa got her start on.

  1. This is really #4 but my friggin blog won't let me blog #4...anyway I love to put things in my mouth. Bob is always yellin at me b/c I chew the crap out of my shirts.
  2. I met Regis Philbin. I know you are jealous. Deal!
  3. When ordering a muffin out, the waitress must cut it in 1/2 with the muffin top intact...if not I will be forced to scream "Who the f*ck cuts a muffin like this?" This has happened, ask my friend Kathy, Karen & Stephan. Not my proudest moment but I have issues.
  4. I fall asleep with the tv on every night.

Now I tag the following people:



Kathy C

Abby Lewis

Abby Key



PS: I am not leaving comments for you all to let you know you have been tagged b/c well I'm lazy & I just spent the last hour watching old Dancin On Air videos on You Tube. Ah Good times! Good times!

And this is for my friend, Roc, if he ever reads my blog!

Woops out~!