Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally, we have winners!!!

I bet you all thought I forgot that I did a giveaway.
Not a chance.
I was waiting for the millions of readers I obviously have to comment.
I mean really, my blog is HUGE!
Sure it's huge in my dreams.
In reality, I have like 10 people who read it & I think 6 are family!

Seriously, generated the following comment numbers from my post, Giveaway.
Keep in mind the 1st comment on that post doesn't count, as it's the Nana & she got the big ole bottle that I received.

So now without further adieu, the winners are:
#4~Miss Mommy

So ladies, email your addy's so I can get your prize out to you!!!!

Woops out!


Shadows of the goddess designs

meegan --you are the summer solstice prize winner on my blog --please email me at


Wtg to all the winners!

Felicia McB

I'm lame Meghan! i read (through google reader) and I'm to lame to comment, oh wait too lazy to comment. so that makes me a triple "L" i guess, a lame, lazy, lurker :)


OK, so I haven't checked my blogs in like a week. Do I still get my prize?

Congrats to all the winners. WOOHOO!