Thursday, November 06, 2008

Can you stand it????????

2 more layouts from me!
Stop the presses!!!
There they are.
Nothing like scrapping Halloween 2007, totally ignoring Halloween 2006 & not even getting the pics yet for 2008.
Feast your eyes on these babies:

I like them.
Simple yet done.
Now for this Halloween I got a call telling me Cheeks won a prize in the parade.
Woooooooo Hoooooooo!
You go Cheekers! You go!
He won one last year too.
I have to pick it up tomorrow night or over the weekend.
Will let you all know what he won b/c I know my readers are just waiting with baited breath.
The reason I got to scrap today is b/c I got a call at like 9:30 from daycare saying Cheeks had had his 4th blowout in 90 mins. Apparently the virus was just "oozing" out & finishing up it's stay today. I had to leave work & this afternoon someone took a 3hr nap so I thought let's make the most of it! I am pretty sure he is feeling better, altho. his appetite is off a bit. He only had yogurt for dinner & didn't want cheese. Hello! Cheese is his fav.
On another note today is National Nachos Day.
So plan accordingly.
Perhaps I will have Bobster take me out for Mexican.
Haven't had good Mexican in a loooooooooooooooooong time!
Tell me, how are you going to celebrate today's holiday???
Woops out!


Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Congrats on scrappin' girl. I can't remember the last page I made or when I made it... :(

Hope sweet Cheeks is better today!

Hugs to you both,

Melissa @ The Inspired Room

Wow, guess that settles what we are having for dinner! Thanks! :-) I used to be a Creative Memories consultant and got so overwhelmed by my incompetence to keep up that I had to resign. :-)

Bella Casa

Awe, cute!!!

Sorry he is sick, hope he is better soon!

And man, now I want nachos!!!

Bella :)


Hope that Cheeks feels better soon!

Great pages and congrats on getting to scrap.

Congrats Cheeks for winning a prize!


I *love* that 2nd one! TOO CUTE! I don't know how you can stand living with that kid... I swear, I'd be cuddling & kissing him every moment he's so cute! ^o^

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Very cute!! :-)


Love the LOs. Eek is so cute. Also it rhymes with Cheek(s).