Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Giveaway Tuesday!

That's right.
It's giveaway time.
And it's the best giveaway too.
It's a
Pillsbury Gift Basket:

The basket includes a coupon for Pillsbury refrigerated crescent rolls, a magnetic
coupon holder, a house-shaped mouse pad, pot holders, a cookie sheet, a
bread basket and a loveable
Pillsbury Doughboy figurine.

How cool does this sound?
And right before the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, Pillsbury is sharing the warmth of home this holiday season by helping stock America’s food banks. Go visit there website & see how you can help them make this happen!!!! I did, I hope you do too.

I have 3 of these baskets to give to 3 winners.
How, pretell, does one win?
That is easy peasy!

You can:

  1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite Pillsbury product. If you leave a comment & you don't blog, leave me an email addy so I can get in touch with you. That's important, if I can't get in touch with you, you can't win.
  2. Post about this giveaway on your blog & link back to my blog. Then leave me a comment w/ the link. This earns you another entry for 2 entries.
  3. You can also subbed (<~~~over there is the button) to my blog or you can follow me thru blogger. Do one or the other & gain another entry!

So you have at least 3 ways to earn one, two or three entries into the pot.

I will use a random number generator to pick the 3 winners!

This giveaway will stay open until Friday morning at 8am.

I will post the winner sometime Friday.

Good luck!

Woops out!



fave pillsbury product would be the cinnamon rolls!!!


My favorite pillsbury product would be the cinnamon rolls! Yum!


I love their break and bake cookies. What a time saver!


Oh girly friend! You know those dang cinnamon rolls used to be sooo good. Now I bake all my own everything with fresh ground wheat. They are so great in a hurry! OK off to post this on my blog too!


Fave -how about all of it.....LOL
I like the cinnamon rolls.


OK Meghan I want to know where you get these cool gift baskets to giveaway!


Oh, easy - I use their refrigerated pizza crusts at least twice a week!


Well, I would say the dinner crescent rolls are our favorite. If we could eat them at every dinner, my family would think I was a gourmet chef.


i love the holiday cookies with a print on them - pumpkin, cat etc. they are EASY and FUN for the kids and they are super duper delish. i can not eat just one


my favorite is the crescent rolls - because you can make so many yummy aps and desserts with them. they are perfect!



I love the pizza crust. We use it all the time.

sarahsilvers at yahoo dot com


My favorite Pillsbury product is the pre-cooked rolls in the bag that you find in the frozen section. That's what we're having for Thanksgiving!

...and she lived...

I know it sounds too easy but I love the crescent rolls! I use them all the time for different dishes. I love making veggie pizzas or putting them on top of home made chicken pot pies. They are so nice to have on hand to make dinners really special.


My favorite Pillsbury product is the cinnamon rolls. Thanks so much for this giveaway! I blogged about it at my site.


I just LOVE the cinnamon rolls!! YUMMY!

lisa520stew at yahoo dot com


Here is my link where I posted this awesome giveaway.


Is there any Pillsbury product that I don't love! Truth-- I still eat the cookie dough straight from the can-- don't tell my kids :)

Kim Tracy Prince

So many votes for the cinnamon rolls, I am adding mine. My family comes to visit from Connecticut several times a year, and they usually arrive in the evening. I like to have a freshly baked batch of cinnamon rolls ready for them as a special treat for the end of their long travel day.

Kim Tracy Prince

I'm also going to follow your blog in blogger...and my email is


Tara O

I love and use the Crescent rolls all the time. We use them for pigs in a blanket for lunch and for Chicken Ring on my Pampered Chef round baking stones most often but there are other things I use them for!


I love the french bread in the can - it really is delicious. I lived in France for 2 years and hate what most grocery stores call "French bread" the stuff that comes in a can beats them all!


Wooo hoo a contest! Just mail the package over here. Pretty please with sugar on my Pillsbury crescent rolls!


I love the frozen Grands! They are versatile...and I love that I pick the quantity!

Miss Mommy

Favorite Pillsbury kiddies just love the cresent rolls...Yum!!

Thanks for the chance!!


I love crescent, they are soooooo good!
barbara_powella@yahoo dot com

The Harrell Family Adventures
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I really like the recipe creations rolls pillsbury just came out with. So much easier to do a veggie pizza that way! Thanks for the chance to win - I'm in desperate need of a new baking sheet. alicia m horn at gmail dot com


Oh Wow! What a great give-away! My favorite Pillsbury product has to be their crescent rolls; you can make a million yummy things with them!

I'd subscribe to your blog but I don't know which button to push! LOL! I tried adding you to follow on blogdpot, but it says you have no feed...???

Oh, and I'll be posting on my own blogspot & LJ momentarily! ^-^ (


my favorite would have to be the crescent rolls which i use to make little pigs in a blanket!


Hands down the Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies that come in a tube that you slice up.


I love Grands biscuits---- mmmmmm..yummy!


Pillsbury products are my favorite!! The pizza crust, the pie crust, the cinnamon rolls, and and and....yummy!! I love them all!!

Jacqueline Parks

By favorite is the crescent rolls! I can eat the whole bunch on my own ;) but I never would! They are so good rolled around a stick and roasted over a campfire.

Jacqueline Parks

I have blogged about your giveaway here - . :)


I love their sugar cookies! yummo!


My favorite product is the ready to make smores oh my oh my they are delicious!

lc_intocable [at]yahoo [dot] com


anything Grands...hubs LOVES grands biscuits!

mariannakeough at

Grateful Gramma

I love crescent rolls and anything you make with them!

Elizabeth Norton

Add me to the mix


I love the hors d'ouvres my mother makes with crescent roll dough.

If I win this contest, please contact me at baggyk at yahoo dot com


This is a tough choice, but I will have to go with the Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough. Cinnamon rolls are a very close second!

jenniferyoung at comcast dot net

Goodies for Mom

I love the refrigerated cookies!!!

Love the music and thanks for the giveaway

Lissa Ballard

Btw, in case it didn't come through, the Cheeseburger Pizza recipe was from me. Let me know how the boys like it if you make it! (I forgot to list that you'll need two tubes of the Grands Flaky Biscuits.



My favorite products are the Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough and the refrigerated pizza dough


I'm a big fan of the crescent rolls. My kids love them too.


I love the crescent rolls. Me, a crock of butter and a tube of crescent rolls=heaven!



I'm following you through blogger, too.



My favorite Pillsbury product would have to be the pie crusts.


Cinnamon rolls are the best. I also like the new savory something in cheese and spinach.
vickers at comcast dot net


If I keep leaving comments do I have a better chance of winning, at least once? LOL


I can't eat anything with wheat in it, so I don't actually have a favorite, but I do make BBQ Beef Turnovers from the crescent rioll dough that my family LOVES (and I love it because Pillsbury does most of the work for me!


I like there sugar cookies and holiday cookies


I love the Cinnamon rolls...yummy


Following you on blogger


ok can i tell you a short story? its about Pillsbury and my mom(rest in peace)it started when my mom was a drinker she would entertain us by making the sounds the doughboy makes so after my mom died i made my kitchen pillsbury doughboy in her memory

my fav is oh my just one?cresent rolls


I LOVE Cinnamon rolls especially when its nice and warm. Yummy!


We love the crescent rolls and the flaky biscuits! We are definitely a pillsbury loyal family. deane_williams at sbcglobal dot net


I love the pie crust...makes baking pies easy.



I love the pie crusts and cookies. My daughter and I do so many different things with the pie's so yummy. It certainly makes it alot easier on us.


cute site! I'm a fan of the crecent rolls :-) Then again, I love the grands too. And the cinnamon rolls. . . !


Cinnamon rolls.


chocolate chip cookie dough


I would say the crescent rolls. And any Pillsbury cake mix.