Friday, November 21, 2008

Officially the 1st day of being laid off

I think I am going to keep this as my motto...what do you thing?
I am usually not a pessimist nor a realist...I like to think I am a "bury my head in the sandist". LOL
Job hunting today.
Gotta keep ahead of everyone else.
Snowing outside.
Funny b/c I took Cheeks to daycare & there was a nary a flake on the ground.
A car drove by covered in the 2 inches.
Where did that come from?
Um, it is now snowing big ole flakes outside & they are sticking to my van.
Ok. off to job hunt.
Anyone know of any good leads?
What's on everyone's agenda for the weekend?
Anything fun?
Woops out!



I wish I could help. We need to start looking for more income too. I need to stay home though because Len is only in school three 1/2 days per week. I know you'll find something soon.


if you want to work from home you can try they are a call center, but you take calls from you own home.

Lisa & Gerald

Hi Meghan!
I'm sorry to hear that! you are losing your job too ! Jobs are not looking good any where!

Bridgett Owens

Good luck with the job search! I do understand how it feels to not be working. A couple years ago my husband was out of work for 7 months and I wasn't making much was so incredibly hard but God did see us through. I hope something awesome comes your way soon!!!!
Gentle HUGS!

Kim -today's creative blog

you have the worse luck with jobs! I think you need to just stay home and have more babies! :)