Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Introducing VB

VB? you say.
What does it stand for?
Are you ready?
Vomit Boy.
Yes, yes.
You read it right.
That kid right down there with the girlies or the twins whichever you prefer.

At approximately 9 o'clock last night I heard some hacking then crying.
When I went upstairs he was covered in it.
Now, I do not remember signing up for cleaning up THAT when I got pregnant.
I was hoping to never have to deal with that.
I've been lucky so far.
On a side note, I now know he really does eat his lunch at school b/c I got to see the evidence.

So we are home today.
The sickies have seem to stop but the other end just keeps going & going.
Good times.

He's off creating noise & havoc now, so it's obvious he's feeling much better.
I am going to drag him to vote today.
He's never to young to realize the importance of voting.

Who am I voting for you ask?
Well, that's a secret but let me just tell you it's the guy that always wears a suit!

Are you voting today?
Tell me!

Woops out!