Monday, November 24, 2008

Laid off Pays off & other mutterings

Who said being laid off is bad for the mojo?
Not I!
My mojo came back, well it's either back or I have a ton more time on my hands. Prob the latter.
Anyway I created this two puppies over the weekend.
Feast your eyes on these!:

I am hoping to get last years holiday done before this years comes.
Good plan, no?
Hope I can execute it.

On another note, late Saturday night as I was scrapping at my dining room table, out of the corner of my eye I notice the cat run across the floor & slip under my washing machine in the kitchen.
No big deal.
Except...WE DON"T HAVE A CAT!!!!!!!
He's back!

If only he was this cute.
He's black tho.
I haven't seen him since.
Guess he's visiting Minnie for the holidays.
Hopefully he will stay in Florida or Cali....whichever state he went to, I don't care I just really don't want him back. You know it's nice without him here.

Yesterday Bobster surprised me by arranging for a sitter & took me to see the movie of my choice.
I chose...Twilight.
Good choice...well for me at least, Bobster not so much.
I loved it.
He hated it.
He expected vampires baring teeth & action.
He got vampires falling in love, being nice & a romance story.
I haven't read the book but I wanted to see the movie.
So glad I went.
It was Fab-U-lous! Simply fabulous!!
Only downfall was this theater didn't have pretzel bites.
Hello...what kind of theater doesn't have pretzel bites? I should boycott but it's a close theater to the house.
What movie have you seen recently that is a must see?
Tell me!

Also, don't forget about these freebies!!!
You must get in on the snack bar...I got mine & it came with coupons.

Of course, get your free Purell.
This time of year, we could all use this!
Quality Health

Woops out!


Lissa Ballard

Such fun layouts girl! Glad you found your mojo. I'm looking forward to mine returning.



Love your pages! I really love your son's shirt! I need to get one for Boomer. lol

Ick! I don't like the ugly furry Micky Mouses. Hope that he finds a new place to live.

Bridgett Owens

I am glad you got your mojo back! Great layouts. I need to get my butt in gear and work on some pages...I am long overdue! Yikes!!! And how date with hubby! I so want to do that!!!!

Bridgett Owens

Oh yeah, and I have some blog candy being offered so come on over and check it out when you can!!! I gotta lot good stuff that would be fun to win!!!! HUGS!


Great LOs! And I cannot wait to see Twilight!

Tara O

Love these two pages! Man your scrappy goal before Christmas is different than mine...I just wanna finish 2004 album before the New Year...sigh....