Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winners, Losers

Ok who watched?
Come on!
I know there are other America's Next Top Model junkies out there.

I can not believe McKey won.
Don't get me wrong, she's a beautiful girl:

To me she lacked sparkle.
Not sure what.
Definitely pretty & when they cut her hair...WoW!
I just don't think she deserved to win.

Now Sam.
Yes Sam should have won.

As most ANTM fan's know, most of the girls that go on to be really successful are the runner ups so I am sure my girl Sam will be seen soon by all in the public eye.
So, congrats McKey.
I am happy for you.
Just disappointed my girl Sam didn't take home the "crown."

Now onto the loser part.
That would be me.
My job has been in jeapordy now since early summer.
It just got worse yesterday.
Well really Tuesday.
Seems corp is closing our Calif. warehouse but neglected to tell our Calif. branch. They also asked for a copy of our Calif. office's lease.
Then my boss upped & quit yesterday.
He has been there over 20 yrs but got tired of all the bs that is going on.
They told him to just leave.
NICE! Way to treat someone with that much tenor.
Now it's just me & one other girl.
The big boss told us he would call us today to discuss our future.
I couldn't wait so I emailed him to ask if we still had a job.
Of course, no response.
So that pretty much concretes the "layoff" in stone for me & the other girl.
Guess it will be back to the pole for me.
Hope they give paper money this time as coins are freakin cold this time of year.
Now, where are my Lucite heels???

Nothing much else going on.
Got some free shipping @ Toys R Us online yesterday, so I think Cheeks may be done. Perhaps a shirt or two.
I totally love shopping online.
So convenient & I can shop in my pj's!!!
Not that I couldn't shop in them out in the real world but they are plaid & plaid tends to make my tushie look like a billboard.

So where are you doing your Xmas shopping this year????

Woops out!

*Edited to add....HR & the CEO of Finance were waiting for me & my coworker today when we arrived at work.

They laid us off immediately.
Sigh. Good times before the holidays*

*Edited to add...I just won the quickie giveaway over at Dine & Dish. I won a copy of a Taste of Home Cookbook. Yay....looks as if the day isn't shot totally to Hell. LOL*



I actually liked McKey better than Sam. I am surprised she won considering where she started and neither of those girls can walk. I wanted Sheena to win - they haven't had an Asian ANTM winner.

So sorry to hear about your job. And you are not serious about the pole - are you?

Glad you have your sense of humor.


OH man that stinks! I am so sorry. I hope a better job comes your way soon.

I too love shopping online! No long lines and no crowds! Still trying to decide what I want to buy dh. I am so lax on my shopping this year. I need to get with it.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

I think I've seen every season of ANTM, and this was no exception. I thought the talent pool was kind of weak this season, though. I wasn't really rooting for any of them. This was a nicer group of girls than usual, though. Less fighting!

Glad you won a giveaway, at least, on a day like this! Hang in there.


Sorry that you got laid off! That just really sucks! Good luck on your pole dancing! lmao

Well winning something sure did help the day out a little bit.


Your blog is always a great read! Come over to my blog - I left you an award!


Man that really sucks :( But look on the bright side, you'll get unemployment, get to spend time with Cheekers and blog.


I have to agree with you Meghan! Sam should have won ANTM not McKay But best wishes to mckay