Monday, March 23, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Who is your early favorite?
I have to say, I am absolutely enjoying these two.
Steve O

Steve Wozniak (the Apple guy)

First, let's examine Steve O.
A former all the sense of the word.
Currently a recovering drug addict/alcoholic who is attempting to clean himself up & his image.
Bad injury last week...sure he has put his body through Hell on the Jackass show but a little dance & he is down for the count.
Steve O is putting his faith in this dance & I admire him for.
He seems so geniune on DWTS.
I am rooting for him.

Now let's take a look at Steve Wozniak.
Is this man not the most happiest, fun loving guy?
Sure, he can't really dance for a lick
He is putting his heart & soul into it & he is enjoying every minute of it.
The judges are cruel.
I know they judge on talent but do they have to be so mean.
And what does Steve do during the tongue lashing?
He smiles, takes it all in & leaves with the nicest comments ever!
Tonight he said he thought he deserved less scores than what the judges gave him.
Um, hello, this chubby hubby did the Worm.
I don't even like to bend over to tie my shoes because of my belly & this guy got on the floor & wormed his way across.
That deserves a 10 in my book.

I know, I know, it's a competition based on talent
they need to have a competition for hearts b/c both Steve's would tie for number #1.

You go boys!
You go!

Woops out!



i saw steve w do his worm. i have to say at his age and weight he was remarkable. he may not have the most talent but he has the biggest cahones on the show. i hope i spelled that right.....not a fan of holly though.


Darn Tornado Watch! Made me miss this weeks episode. I guess I'll have to catch the recap tomorrow night.

I'm totally enjoying both Steve's too and was so glad the injury didn't knock Steve-O out last week.


I like both Steve's as well - but I think I am rooting for Giles and Cheryl - they were HOT this week!