Saturday, March 14, 2009

He works cheap!

Race car season has opened.
We need all the CHEAP help we can get.
He just asks that we buy him the occasional "race car" or "dinosaur".

Cheeks has his 1st ear infection.
Poor kid woke up from his nap on Thursday screaming.
We took him to the Well Clinic @ Walgreens b/c we were just at the ped the night before & they were closed.
The ped said his ears were fine
24 hours later...BAM!
Ear Infection.
I can not say enough about this Well Clinic.
Love it!
Its run by a nurse practitioner who was so patient & kind with Cheeks.
We were able to get a script for an antibiotic from her
Then today she called to see how he was doing.
Perhaps his ped should take a tip from her b/c they never do that.

Anyway you would have no idea his sick.
Running around like a nut.
Now he's napping so I am make a Chicken Artichoke Casserole.
Sounds yummy.
I have to improvise so we shall see how some of it turns out.

Woops out!



OH that poor little boy! Those ear infections come on fast sometimes! Chad was about 3 when we were driving down the road and he started screaming bloody murder. We had just got hot happy meals. He kept saying hurt ear. I thought he had stuck a hot fry in his ear. Nope it was a nasty ear infection. We were actually on our way home from the doctor’s office. A different kid had just been seen. I love when you get those nice people who follow up with you. It’s nice to feel like you matter to someone more that $$!


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Yay I can finally comment on your blog! Sorry to hear Cheeks got an ear inf, but glad you were able to get it taken care of quickly! Love ya!