Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fisher Price I Love U

See this:

This race track was one of Cheeks Christmas gifts from Santa.
He loved it.
Sadly, it broke the day after Christmas.
Fast forward to Jan. when I finally call Fisher Price to tell them about the problem.

They asked that I ship the track back to them & they would replace it.
I could keep all the little parts that came with it they just want the track.
So I send it back some time in Feb. b/c I am quick like that!

It arrived yesterday.
An entirely new one.
With all the little people, chatkes & such.
Well Cheeks forgot he had ever had it so I broke it out.
He adores it.
He sat & played with it for 30 minutes & laughed & hooted & hollered.
Then when I came to watch he told "Back in the kitchen Mommy" as if I was invading his "man cave".

I want to thank Fisher Price for having such awesome customer service.
I had a few problems with Cheeks vibrating chair when he was an infant & Fisher Price kept sending me new parts every week til it was fixed.
At no charge!
Free to fix.
And every rep that I have ever spoken with there is so sweet and nice.

So, if you have a little one who loves race cars, get the child the Fisher Price Spin & Crash Raceway....the child will adore it. Not to mention if there are any problems just call Fisher Price. They are on the ball.

Woops out!


Jules from "The Roost"

That is really good to know....I am sure Mr. Perfect will have to have one of these ;)

Miss Mommy

So happy to hear that Cheeks is having fun with his new replacement!! Great customer service rocks!!