Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Epic Fail!

This morning I decided to use my crock pot for good, not evil (I.e. allowing the mouse we have to poop in the lid since I keep it in the pantry...keeping it real folks, keeping it real).

I decided I'd make Hawaiian Chicken.
Sounded yummy.
Got the recipe from a very popular blog that has published two cookbooks.
It was sure to be tasty.

Turned on the crock pot when I left...7am. 
Turned it off when I got home...6pm.

This may have been a bit long.

The only ingredients besides the chicken was cinnamon, pineapples & red paper flakes.
How bad could it have turned out?

Well when I removed the lid, I swear I heard the chicken gasp "Water...need water!"

Dry is an understatement.
I served it on some rice with a side of broccoli.

Cheeks tried it & his face was priceless.
He received a grilled cheese.

I tried it & choked.
Think I get the piece with all the red pepper flakes.
I had a Dr. Oetker's frozen pizza.
Good move on my part as it was tasty.

Bobster was a trooper & took one for the team.
He ate it
Is taking the rest for lunch tomorrow.

He thinks I am trying to kill him with my concotions
Come on, living with me would bring him a slow, painful death.
I am the master of torture so live on Bobster, live on.

Would I make this chicken again?
Probably not.
At least not this recipe.

What I want to know is what epic fail did you have with a recipe disaster?




meghan do the recipe with thighs and legs. and dont cook it so long. try it on a weekend and cook it on low for about 6 hours then test it. also y ou could toss in a little pineapple or orange juice for moisture... it sounded good though...mom

MS Mom

Im laughing so hard at yours I can't even remember when I screwed up dinner. Wait, I once made meatballs with a new concoction someone gave me and they fell apart. Instead of 30 tiny handrolled meatballs I ended up with a pan full of ground meat floating in thick gravy and onions. Who messes up meatballs, really? Thats like messing up canned biscuits. Ha!


See, that's why I just don't cook anything new. Then there's no chance of fail and no one can complain or ask for something else!

Of course, we end up eating the same dang spaghetti or tacos every single night, but hey, whatever works.