Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have you met Eddie Haskill 2011?

Oh this one?
He's a charmer for sure.

Take for instance:

One night, last week, as we ate dinner I was talking to him & explaining to him that what he did was wrong (I forget what he did), when I was done he looked at me & said:
"Mommy! I love your's beautiful"
Then gave me a cheesy grin.

Yesterday, as I put him in the car, I was explaining to him that I will always know when he lies.
Before I was finished he took his hand, tickled my cheeks & said
"Oh! Such a pretty girl! So pretty"


Eddie Haskill for sure.

P.S. If you don't know who Eddie Haskill is, please google & don't let me know b/c I will officially feel old.


MS Mom

You have a long few years ahead of you.......haha!


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Miller Racing Family

What a scream. Isn't it so hard not to laugh when he says those things.
Hope you have a great week!