Monday, April 25, 2011

Whew! Stop the world, I need to blog

It has just been a whirlwind of fun & chaos these past few days.
First up & most important today is the Nana's birthday:
That's right.
It's her birthday.
Go Nana!
Go Nana!
She told me she was 39.
Funny because I turned 40 last July & now I am a year older than my mom.
How does that work?

Isn't that a cute pic?
Nana invited Cheeks over to dye some Easter Eggs at her place.
That boy is messy.
I stood by, camera in hand to capture the moments.
Of course, I now have a dozen hard boiled eggs & no one, including the egg dyer, eat hard boiled eggs.

Yesterday was Easter.
Bobster surprised us with a trip to the Cape May Zoo.
Ever been?
It's fabulous!
No fee to strictly donate.
Beautiful zoo.

The nice thing was an Easter miracle happened.
I got a photo of all 3 boys.
Say it isn't so you say!?!
Check it out!
Good looking bunch, no?
17,12 & 4.
Where does the time go?

They are good boys.
Mouthy but so are their parents.
Of course, the little one up there, with the angelic face.
He mooned his entire class today on the playground.
Good times.
Good times.
I was given a talking to by the preschool teacher.
Well at least he doesn't have hair on his butt is all I'm sayin.

So how was your holiday weekend?



Happy 39th Birthday to the Nana from Megryansmom, but not that one Nana ;)