Monday, April 18, 2011


When did the 17yo boy become muscular?
And that handsome?

Yesterday he was 12 years & meeting his new little brother for the first time.
He's like 6ft tall now.
We see eye to eye.
He's taking his driving test next week.

Lord help us all.
Nah, he's a really good driver.
He has to be with Bobster as a father.
The man obeys every traffic law.
Even 25 in a 25 when there is no one around.
Sometimes I'm like "You know Bobster, there's a pedal in the mini van, we don't Flinstone it"

Of course, I have a heavy foot.
I mean, sometimes it just feels like you aren't going that fast.
Plus one has to keep up with traffic.

Anywho, TimBob up there has gone to the jr prom, the freshman-sopmore shindig & was recently invited to the senior prom. 
Turned down the invitation tho.
Isn't he just a little Rico Suave?

Remember Rico Suave?
If you do, great.
If you don't have any idea who I am talking about then you are very, very young.
Go You Tube it.
You won't be disappointed.

And on that note...Caio!