Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Humpty Dance, it's your dance, do the HUMP!

Thanfully, it's Wensday...Hump day! I like my job but it is getting a little boring. I can only stare into space for so long. I am stretching out making phone calls to collect money b/c I only have so many to do. I have some orders to change & such but a lot of the stuff is being given to the new girl. She started this Monday. Nice girl. Sweet.

What else....hmmm....the right side of my mouth feels as if my braces were just tightened & I had dental work done. I have an appt. on Monday to see my dentist. Wish me luck that it's not route canal!

Had another ob/gyn appt. last night. Everything is good. They got the results back from my Level II ultrasound. My dr. asked me if they had gone over the fact that the baby has a small sternum. UM NO! NO MENTION OF IT! Apparantly it's nothing to really worried about. She said everything else is great & most likely the small sternum is a heart murmer or nothing at all. She said they wouldn't do anything about it anyway now & the baby would have to show symptoms of it when he get's here to do anything. She said she doubts it's anything to worry about. His heartbeat is great and he's very active. So active that he hits my bladder several times a day. OIYVE!

That's all she wrote. I'm beat!



I wouldn't worry about it but I would follow up AFTER the baby is born to have it checked just to make sure. Ease of mind if anything.