Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Yes, you read it right, Kamikazee.
See, yesterday I left for lunch. I am driving down the residential street, minding my business when all of a sudden a thud hits my window. Well I thought it was a rock, that's how hard it hit...then I noticed the bird poop. Of course I had stopped the car. I see something laying in the road so I back the mini van up. It looked like a rock & I thought maybe a kid was in a tree or something. Out of the van I go. Over the to the rock. To my horror, not a rock but a bird. Not any type of bird was KAMIKAZEE BIRD. A bird who decided to die for his cause. The cause to poop where ever he wants (obviously the choice at the moment was my minivan) So I drove to lunch w/ a heavy heart b/c I felt as if I had killed Kamikazee.

Well, not to be outdone by Kamikazee Bird, we have Kamikazee Squirell. It appeared that while I was at lunch, word got out the my mini van was the death spot of choice. I was driving back, minding my business, when all of a sudden Rocket J. Squirell, does the dash-----the dash for the tires of my mini van. I was too smart, I slowed done & slightly swerved. His death wish was diverted by my 2 steps ahead thinking. I was not going to be a serial Kamikazee killer on my lunch hour. So I adverted killing him. If he chose someone else's minivan to die under, then so be it. What he cause was, I have no idea. Maybe it had something to do with his nuts....most guys would die for their nuts & Kamikazee's are usually male, so I think my squirell was dying for his nuts.

Woops, out!



I seriously belted out laughing my ass off! OMG that is so funny!


OMG Meghan How funny!

Carolyn F


Awesome Abby

heeheee...they must be related to the huge-ass dog that ran out in front of me in the rain a week or so ago. Ga-ross.


Too funny Meghan! OMG, I couldn't stop laughing!


meghan kathleen, you're just not right in the know darn well that was a terroristic bird. i'm sure there was a turban on him. now he's in bird heaven with 7 made him a marter. swurve (spelling?) next time.