Saturday, May 13, 2006

Random Thoughts & Things

1st things first: That's my boy up there. I have to scan the the actual ultrasound pics or the Nana's head will explode. I totally love that paper!!! It's a lot plainer of a layout than I usually do but simple & clean seemed to fit the bill for it!

2nd: Movie Review: Poseidon. 90 or so minutes of my life that I will never get back. Sure I read the reviews. I had never seen the original except for one part over & over again but the previews for the new one seemed to suck me in. The special effects are great but I was just so disappointed with the whole thing. The acting is less than stellar, I thought the little boy was annoying and for me, that could never happen in real life. The people going out on there own that is. A ship capsizing, sure, but people planning their own escape & holding their breathe for what seemed like hours, nope, not gonna happen.

3rd: My cleaning lady was here again this Monday. I got home at 5. Bobster had been home already. Actually surprised poor Kate. She cleaned great but by Monday night my house looked like a bomb hit it. Work boots in the hallway, big chunks of dirt off of them, ice tea drops on the floor & counter, dirty glasses in the sink, towels all over the place. Now mind you, I came home & sat on the computer for a few hours so this mess was not made by moi. Yes, yes, the Bobster is a true slob!

4th & final: My kitchen cabinets & refrigerator sing Barbra Streisand "Memories" every time I walk in there. I haven't been food shopping since Easter Sunday. Yesterday Bobby actually resorted to eating SPAM. Um, yea, better him then me! Wouldn't touch the stuff. Is it even food? or chemically enhanced biproducts of God knows what???? YUCK!

That's all. I'm outtie!