Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tagged by Erica

The tag: List 10 Random things about you that make you, you

1. I must have all the sheets tucked in & up to my chin. Why? I can't stand to have my feet dangle & if the sheets are up to my chin then the vampires can't bite my neck!

2. I'm moody. I admit it. Sure, I am using the pregnancy hormone thing to my advantage but honestly, I am a moody biatch!

3. I'm sensitive. I take things to heart. Sometimes misconstrue things but I just worry that's all.

4. Love to gamble! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT~!

5. I am a Coach addict. Through & through. I have 5 bags, a wristlet, a change purse, 3 key chains & a pair of Coach slide sandels. Yes, My name is Meghan & I am a Coach addict.

6. I love to surf the internet & could do it for hours.

7. I have an inner clutter slob. Sure I yell at the Bobster b/c he is a slob but I am too. I just try to hide it.

8. I love PB&J but only with the crusts cut off!

9. I hate to cook, really I do.

10. I am a sucker for kids! Love em! Think they are all pretty adorable.

On a high note, today ended with me going to the dentist. Of course, I thought root canal. Imagine my surprise when I found out, no root canal, just a filling. Go me! Go me!!


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The Internet and PB&J are always good, but kids on the other hand can sometimes be as painful as a root canal.


You go girl!! I'm right there behind you on the internet!! :)


Gotta love the kids. ITs a good thing too..you got your hand full now girly!!!

I would keep milking the hormonal thing...after that you can blame it on lack of sleep, baby blues, adjusting tot he terrible twos, the first day of school, the tough preteens, then dealing with teeanagers, then you can blame it on the kids moving out and going to coolege.the grandkids and finally..your so senile you don't have to blame anyone..you've earned it ;-)

Can you tell I have SO thought this through ???


Well, it's a good thing WE don't share a bed coz I like my feet to dangle in the cool :)


Love your list. I think all kids are adorable too! Yay on the filling!


By the way, I tagged you. See my blog!