Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday & a challenge

Here I sit, getting more pregnant as the day goes on. It's not pretty people. It's starting to show in my face, I can't keep my balance, my groin hurts. I am a mess. All I want to do is cry. Although I do giggle through out the day when I feel my little raspberry rolling around in there, sometimes it even tickles. :)

Movie review: Over the Hedge. Cute, funny. More oriented to kids but definitely family worthy!

Now onto the challenge. Erica wants us to list what we wanted out of life 10 years ago.

I wanted to be married, with children. I am on my way!
I wanted to be a stay at home mom, Not on my way there but one never knows where life may lead you.
I wanted to be happy...I am, for the most part.
I wanted Jimmy Proud to be my husband, so if you are out there Jimmy & reading my blog....YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MISSED OUT & I hope you are happy with Missy! Yep! Tell her I called her Missy, I know she just loves that nickname.

Woops, out!



Yeah, he sure did miss out :) I felt the same way about Orlando :(


He did miss out!! You found better and that's what matters dude!! Dude - I've gained a LOT of weight, my groin hurts too - especially at night. I hear you. I especially love when the kid jumped on my bladder!