Saturday, May 20, 2006

So we have 2 layouts that I personally think suck, those would be the Steelers ones, then the one I like is in the middle. Not how I uploaded it but what can you do.

I guess I don't really hate them. I think the Steelers patch & helmet are way cool. I know the boys will like it. I saw the Steelers stuff today at my lss & knew I had to get them for these layouts. I think what it is, is that I don't have patterned paper on there or lots of embellishments. They are "Scrapbook Simple" I just have to get used it.

Today was a beautiful day here in NJ. Sun shining, not hot but not cool, good breeze. Ah, yes, perfect day. I visited my Grandpop in the hospital. Gangreen he has. YUCK! He looks a lot better than last time I saw him. His color is better & he seems more alert. My dad said the dr. changed his meds. so he is more upbeat etc.

I am getting huge! My belly by the end of the day HURTS. I guess from the strain of the weight. I so have to get one of those bands that helps support the weight. Plus Ethan really likes to hang out on my right side. Must be more comfy there. Of course, he does like to dance the tango on my bladder. That makes for an interesting time!

There are only 2 episodes left of Big Love. I love that show. Yes, the church says we shouldn't watch it & every week I have to explain to the Bobster that no my Mom is not one of 3 wives & no we are not associated with that religion. I try to tell him how they are more of a "cult" & how they decided they wanted to follow the polygamy teachings, after it was not to be practiced anymore. Gets exhausting. Anywho, they touch on the church but they don't. The majority of the show is about how the women & the husband interact. I do cringe when a lot of the church stuff does come up but I take it with a grain of salt. I know the church is true & that is all the matters.

Just rented "Just like Heaven" on On Demand. It was ok. Glad I didn't waste my time on it at the movies. Want to see the Davinci Code but the movies right by my house had protesters at it the other night, not to mention the town I live in uses the movies as a babysitting service. I like kids, I tolerate preteens, but gaggles of them making noise is not my idea of a nice relaxing evening at the movies.

Woops, out!


Carolyn F

I LIKE your steelers pages... I love the titles, and I thought the measuring tape was a great embellishment. Don't be so hard on yourself!


Love how you already named your baby too! Yes, baby Justin likes to stop on my bladder and then punch my stomach. There's always something fun going on! How are you doing for weight gain?!

Awesome Abby

These are awesome layouts, Silly! I love the scalloped paper...been jonesin for some of that...but...ya know. the steelers pages..REALLY...esp. the top on of the Bobster. Glad to see you scrappin!


I think the Steelers pages are great. *I* think all your pages are great.


Meghan, your layouts are fine! I love the Steelers top page. I happen to be a huge Steelers fan although I really have no reason to be! Have loved the team since I was a young girl.